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To be a Capuchin is to be open to the will of the superior. To go where nobody wants to go, to take the last seat at the table, to work with those, in whom we may see the reflection of Jesus, for whom he stands up – orphans, widows, homeless, poor. That is why we are present in Africa. We work in two countries – Central African Republic and Chad.

We made our first steps here in 1938. Until 1993 there were 304 brothers who preached the Good News on this territory. Thanks to their dedication and intensive pastoral work 9 brothers from Chad and 9 from CAR have made their vows by 1997. Today Capuchins of the vice-province are present in 13 communities: 5 in Chad (20 brothers altogether) and 8 in CAR (36 brothers). In those places we live in diverse, international communities running parishes, formation centers, disability center, community houses, seminaries – minor and major, music school, Radio Siriri, service for nuns and diversified offer for ‘street children’.

From the life of brothers

  • Medicines for Africa

    Good news from Africa! 1500 kg of medicines finally reached our country. Brother Roland, whom you may see on the picture, collected the delivery assembled by ‘Medeor’ of Germany. May God reward you with His blessing and guidance and all our donors, whose generosity we praise! Donated medicines will be successively transported to Ngaoundaye. (more…)


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Postulate Gore

The decision to institute a formation house for Capuchins (so called ‘Postulate’) was made in 1988 as a result of arrangements made jointly by Capuchins priors in Chad with Capuchins of CAR. Young candidates, willing to join Order of Friars Minor Capuchins are cordially welcomed to the Postulate.

Center in Mondou

L’aventure a commencé un peu par surprise en janvier 1978 par la rencontre de deux prêtres : Raymond et Pierre Jacquard, vivant depuis quelques années à la léproserie Jamot de Yaoundé et ayant mis sur pied tout un service d’appareillage pour donner suite aux interventions pratiquées afin de permettre aux personnes touchées par la lèpre de retrouver une grande amélioration dans leur autonomie et leur réinsertion sociale.

Capuchin Seminary in Yole

Ten kilometers from city Bouar, north-west CAR, on a way to Camerun, a new Capuchins’ seminary was opened on 2nd August 1986. The construction has started two years before on the day of St. Mary of Angels, today’s patron of a seminary.

Ndim - Novitiate

At some point in the past Capuchin priors from Chad, CAR and DRC decided to meet regularly to share their experience. First gathering was held in Bwamanda. During the meeting a decision was reached to create a joint novitiate for young men from all three countries in Ndim-Dounia, in proximity of Ndim in CAR.


Siriri is a name of a catholic radio broadcasting for the inhabitants of Central Africa’s villages. Radio has been on air for the last 10 years.

Major seminary in Bouar

Formation of young Capuchins was always a major concern of first missionaries in CAR and Chad. In 50s ad 60s a small number of young men was sent to convents in France and Italy. Unfortunately the outcome was quite disappointing as the cultural differences between the countries of origin and destination were just too significant.

Music school in bush

Music school in bush? For children, orphans, oftentimes living in a severe hardship? In a country engulfed in civil war? Crazy idea? Of course, but it is not a first one to pop on Benedykt Paczka’s mind of and not the first one he brought to life either!

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You are cordially invited you to join the elite companion of our regular contributors, who have declared a systematic help. Once I was asked: ‘What should I do to multiply my wealth?’, and I responded: ‘You need to help others, but not just once, but regularly. Just in a couple of days or months you will see how the value of your money will be multiplied!’

I invite you to help the custody of Chad and CAR – the poorest countries in the entire world. Your money will be in good hands – brothers who have been working their fingers to the bone so that local people have access to food, education, jobs and seeds of God’s words planted in their hearts, and the amazing change that they made in Africa is the best possible recommendation.

We are looking for the good people who will help us finance the purchase of the food, victuals necessary to maintain hygiene and deliver healthcare and education.

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Bartosz Dudek (Bonn - Germany)

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